Contact Info

Danielle Batchelder, Director of Human Resources and Business Services
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1259
Policies, Allotments

Nicole Damiata, Human Resources Manager
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1233
Employee onboarding (certified), Absence Management system administration, Labor relations

Lisette LaTorre, Benefits Coordinator
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1257
Health Insurance, Retirement, Benefits, Disability, FMLA

Leanne Brookman, Human Resources Specialist
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1232 
AppliTrack Applications, Employee Onboarding, Unemployment, Separations (non-certified staff)

Anitra Holt, Executive Secretary Business Services
P. 860.687.2000 ext 1251

Sheri Davis, Accounting Manager
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1275
MUNIS, Frontline, W2 Tax Forms

Julia Haake, Payroll Specialist
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1268
Direct Deposit Forms, Bi-Weekly Payroll Questions, Timesheets, Time & Attendance system administration

Stephanie Lukacs, Payroll Assistant
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1227

Deneen Dulka, Accounts Payable
P. 860-687-2000 ext. 1258
W9 Tax Info, New Vendor Requests, Requisition/PO Inquiries, Invoice Processing

Email for general correspondence or call us directly at 860.687.2000 ext. 1232